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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spent Time Together

This afternoon my husband wanted to work on his truck outside but I told him no because it is so hot. I told him that it is much better if we go watch a movie instead but we did not go to see a movie but we went to eat out with the children. We went to Furs restaurant buffet, I liked their food there last time we went but I did not like their food today so we have no plans to go back there again. After the restaurant we went to visit my Mother in law to see her and for the children to see their grandma. After that we went home and we are all took a nap I was so tired from the hot weather and it was good for me that I got a nap. I am always wanting to take a nap unfortunately I do not get to take one very often. So aside from the not so good food in the restaurant we were happy to spent time together.

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