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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last night I was logged in at inpost links and while I was there I saw that there were a lot of opps there and there were a lot of them for $5 so I was wondering usually the opps that are available for me are only $1 to $2.50. I tried to reserve one opps and I found that the opps was for this blog but I am not using this blog for inpost links anymore. I noticed that the opps were for PR2 so I checked the PR for this blog at Google checker and I found that this blog had a PR2. I was laughing to myself because I have had this blog for almost three years now and this is the first time that it has had a PR it is funny to me but I am thankful that I finally have a PR for it. It was a surprise to me I never expect for this blog to get a PR.

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