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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eating At Chuck E. Cheese's

Contribution by Elmo Farmer

It may sound weird but one of my favorite places to eat out is Chuck E. Cheese's. The actually have really good sandwiches and pizza that the kids could enjoy. I love the atmosphere at this place because we could enjoy a night of family fun. The kids could be as rowdy as they want and play when they are done eating. They also eat their dinner much better then at home since they know they will be able to play once they are done.

We always have the same routine when we plan to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. We make sure our home security alarm is set, round the kids up in the car, and are on our way. We don't even have to get dressed up as it is such a casual atmosphere.

I have to admit that I also love to play the games after a nice dinner. I have the option of sitting down and watching the kids enjoy themselves or joining in on the fun. I usually end up playing a few games and then cashing out at the end of the night. We collect all of our tickets and get the kids out of there by getting their prizes. They can take toys home to remember a fun night. It is surely one great way to spend a family fun night with dinner included! The kids always yell, "We love it HERE!"

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