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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watching Movies on Demand

Thanks for the post from Deborah Kline

Watching movies is something that my family and I love to do. What's great is that we are able to watch movies on demand via direct tv packages premier. One of the best things that we enjoy about watching movies on demand is that we are able to pick out of a broad amount of movies from the comfort of our own home.

Most of the time we'll plan to watch a movie night once a week and go through the movies that are available on demand and vote on what movie to watch. Once we decide on a movie we'll decide what kind of snack items we'd like to eat while watching the movie. Normally we'll have a variety of different items to snack on like apples and peanut butter, nachos, pop corn, m&ms, hot tamales, and sometimes even pizza.

Movies that we tend to watch as a family are made for families such as: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bolt, Furry Vengeance, the Last Song, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Marmaduke.

Sometimes the husband and I will have a nice date night in and rent a movie for us to watch after the kids go to bed. We like all kinds of movies that on demand has to offer in all categories of chick flick, action, comedy, and horror. The last movie that the hubs and I watched was Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. We popped up some popcorn and threw in some peanut m&ms and kicked back to relax.
I always recommend movies on demand because the convenience itself is such a big bonus. Try it out and see for yourself! You'll probably never go back to a movie store.

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