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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hard to say no

This afternoon I took my children to their Grandma’s house and left my daughters there for few hours while my son and I went to Walmart to do some quick shopping. My son asks to go to Mc Donald it was hard to say no because he only wanted to eat after eating we went shopping. I had no plans to buy anything that was not on my list but when we passed by the Halloween costume and he saw Superman he asked me to buy it for him and again it was hard to say no since he has wanted a Superman costume for a very long time now. I had already bought him a costume last month to wear tomorrow it is the Incredible Hulk but I know that he really wants to be Superman so I bought it for him. By the time we got to his grandma’s house he put it on and showed everybody his Superman costume, he was very happy.

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