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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playstation for him

I never had a chance to update my blog yesterday because I was so busy here at home and I went to bed very early last night I was just too tired and wanted to go to sleep, I even forgot to change the time when I went to sleep. I bought my son a new Playstation 2 at Toys R Us on Friday and he was very happy about it. They were having a sale so I got him one. I was glad that I bought my son a game now he never asks me if he can go to my friend’s house to play. It was okay with my friend for him to go to their house to play but sometimes I do not like to bother them. Now that he has his own game machine he can play all he wants to at home. He can stays home all day playing with out bothering me and his sisters like watching him playing the games.

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