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Monday, November 1, 2010

He was starving

This afternoon I asked my husband to pick up our son from school because I did not want to go out the house. I had to go to work this morning very early and since my husband was off it is his turn to pick our son up. I know that he likes to pick up our son but before he left for the school he asked if he could buy some food because he was starving. Poor husband it was his fault because he did not cook any food. I told him that maybe we should go to the restaurant instead but he wanted to buy food with his son instead to his favorite fast food.

I told him to make sure it was from McDonald because I really like eating their cheese burgers and by the way I heard some secrets that the McRib from McDonald will be back. I have never heard of the McRib before but if it is true that it will return tomorrow then maybe I will order one when I go to their restaurant next time. I am a real fan of their chicken nuggets because my children really like them. I only go to their restaurant for my children but I would like to try to eat their McRib because I am curious why they return it to their menu again since it was retired from their menu a long time.

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