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Monday, January 10, 2011

So mad

I was so mad with my husband today. This morning we went to the dentist for my children’s check-up but unfortunately the dentist office was closed. We went to the post office next to get my son a passport and when we were there he realized that his driver license was expired. I was so mad at him because last Monday we went to the post office for his passport and they were not issuing them last Monday and today this so we still have no passport for my son. Right after we came home my husband went to see his doctor because he is sick and I was online trying to renew his driver license. I got it renewed and I thought that after the doctor he would come home but he called and said he was at the pharmacy. That made me madder at him when he got home it was almost 3 pm and the post office does not issue passport after 3. All my plans were messed up today and I do not know when we will get a chance to get my son a passport again. I will be very busy the next few weeks and I will have no more time to go to post office.

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