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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tired to cook

The other day my husband and I were so hungry and neither one of us wanted to cook. We are not lazy it was just that we were both tired from work and hungry. We would have liked to go eat out but we did not want to get dressed to go out so we order Chinese food instead. They always have good food so now I still have a lot of Chinese food boxes in our refrigerator. I was eating some of it a few minutes ago and I want to eat more. I would eat more food but I realized that I ate a lot already and that was enough. It is okay if I use adapexin after dinner I will feel full so after my first full plate I stopped eating and washed my plate. I was thinking about getting more but before I could get a second plate I felt full and stopped.

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Shed Life said...

i felt it sometimes gurl