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Saturday, June 4, 2011

always worried

It is almost ten o’clock at night and I still have a lot of things to do. I need to wash the dirty dishes and fold the clothes, I said to my self earlier that I would try to go to bed before ten. Now with all these chores how can I go to bed early and I still want to watch my favorite TV show. I wish I had DirectTV so that I could just record it and watch it tomorrow. Anyway, my husband already checked the doors to make sure they are lock and he got our children ready for bed. It is his job to check the doors at night but sometimes I do not trust him and I check them again. I know I am crazy but I always worry that somebody might get into our house while we are sleeping.

We do not have an alarm system that is why we make sure that all our doors are lock. Sometimes I think about getting the home security barling but I can not decide yet. My husband and I knows how important it is to have security in our house especially when we are not home. Maybe in the future we will have their services but not now. My husband just started a new job so basically we do not have any money in our budget for that yet.

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