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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Universal business listing

A couple of days ago I started sending out Christmas cards to all our family and friends. But I do not have the address for some of them and I do not want to call them to ask for their address because I want to surprise them. I know it is only a card but it is better than nothing so I do not want them to know that I am sending them a card. What I was doing to find their addresses was searching online using the white pages or at search engines.

It is great that there are search engines that you can use anytime you need something like if your kitchen sink or a toilet is not working and you need a plumber to fix it and you do not know who to call. I use search engines all the time when I need to find a business or product I need. If you have a business and you want to get your sight listed you need to go to Universal business listing so people needing your company can find you. It is good for your businesses to use the universal business listings.

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Ayu said...

thanks for sharing..enjoy ur week end