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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drafting Joe Mauer over Mark Prior

Thanks to my buddy Brian Hughes for the post.

I still remember Opening Day of 2004 like it was yesterday. For fans of the Minnesota Twins, April 5th meant the arrival of Joe Mauer. Back in 2001, the Minnesota Twins passed on USC starting pitcher Mark Prior to draft Mauer. A lot of writers criticized the move, because they claimed that Prior was ready for the Major Leagues and would be ready to play right away while Mauer would take a few years to develop in the minor leagues. Little did they know that six years later, Mauer would be a fixture on the team while Prior's career would be over after a series of arm surgeries. Along with Justin Morneau, Mauer provided the spark that helped the Twins move into their new ballpark in 2010.

Target Field is just what the fans wanted. While the stadium looks absolutely wonderful with skyline views of Minneapolis, I'm not as excited about the increase in ticket prices to see the Twins. I suppose I can't complain since it comes with the territory. It doesn't impact our support for the Twins though. We can watch them on the new TV we got from finding cable tv promotions.. I'll survive, because no matter what it takes, all that matters is winning that World Series trophy again.

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