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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wants to go

This afternoon my son wanted to go to Charles house to play but I said no because I wanted to rest and it is so hot outside but he kept asking me so I told him we would go later. After a few hours my son was asking me again to go and I told him we would leave in a few minutes but my friends came over to visit and stayed for an hour I did not know it was 7 pm already and too late to go to Charles house. He was upset but I told him maybe tomorrow. I called Charles house and his mom said that Charles was at his Grandma’s for a sleep over. My son asked why? I said Charles wanted to spend time with his Grandma this weekend and he calm down. He likes playing with his friend he likes to go to Jacob when he can but they lived far away and I can not drive that far. I told him we would try to go again tomorrow.

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