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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cannot wait

I think in two weeks the state Fair of Texas will be open and I am excited for it. I can not wait to bring my children there to rides the kiddy ride and you know my twin daughter never been there yet so maybe they will enjoy the rides. My husband likes to see the auto show and some give away from the fair and I am sure they have a pop up trade show displays again or trade show pop up but what ever I am just excited to go there and enjoy the fair this year.

Last year we never able to go because my daughters was just a little babies and it was hard to go walking around with them and plus the weather at that time was not good so hopefully they will have a good weather this year. Anyways, if you do not know about the pop up displays they are using it when there are special events, trade shows, job fairs and you can also see some of the pop up booths anywhere in the fair. Well, just check it out to see of what is that all pop ups about.

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