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Saturday, September 4, 2010

It was cute

The weather is getting better now every morning it is now cool outside not like the passed weeks even at 5 am the temperature outside was still hot. I wish the weather was always like this not cold and not hot just cool. Anyway a few minutes ago while my daughter Beth was taking a nap on the couch my daughter Bella and I went to the front porch to watch the cars passing by our house. She was also playing and trying to reach the wind chime by using a stick to make noises. She was thrilled that we went outside and sometimes when a car passed she was scared and ran to me and hide it was cute. I planed to take them to go to the park but Bella was not feeling well so maybe tomorrow if she feels ok.

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Apostolic Lighthouse said...

Weather keeps changing on us. Hope that your little princess feels better. Take care and Have a blessed day.