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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Idea

This afternoon I called my sister in law and asked her if she could come over to watch the twins while I went to my son’s school with him because they were having open house at 6 pm. She said she was not sure because she had something to do and asked if I could take the twin to her house but I said I could not. I just do not want to take them there because it was too much to do for me. So, I decided to take them with us to go the school. I gave them a bath and hurried to put their clothes and shoes on.

The twins were fighting before they put their clothes on because they choose their own clothes and they wanted to wear the same clothes. I got upset because I was in a hurry and we were almost run out of time so I dressed them the same. They look good like they were models and you know they are both little cuties.

Speaking of model, one of my friends told me about an advertising agency and even gave me the website. She said that she enrolled her kids in an agency to train to become a model and I even saw some of the pictures of her kids modeling. She told me that I could take my children there to try to be a model who knows they might be featured in a magazine. I never thought about it before but it was a good idea maybe when they are older.

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