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Monday, September 26, 2011

got home late

My teacher looked good tonight I knew that she was in a good mood when she talked to us. I liked the blouse that she wore tonight it was solid gray accessorized with a custom pins. She always looks good every time I see her. She is always presentable to her students but one thing I do not like about her. She talks a lot. Tonight I got out school late because of her. I try to be home before nine pm but I got home at nine ten.

I am talking about my teacher in my grammar class. She was my teacher from my last class and tonight she was talking and did not care about the time. We are supposed to be done at eight twenty five and she let us out at eight thirty five. I was a little bit upset she knows that we would like to be out at the exact time. I do not want to live in the school I want to be home on time. She was telling us about the homework for Wednesday. I know that it was very important but it was very important for me to be home on time. Next time I will ask her to let us go home at the exact time. I have a lot of things to do at home.

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